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Life College

Applications for kindergarten now open! 4 to 6 years old.

For over 22 years, we have refined our philosophy and methodology to create spaces that unleash wonderment, creativity and confidence in children and youth. We believe children come alive in learning spaces that are filled with stimulants, challenges and real life projects. We have seen how children flourish when equipped to tap into their talents, and where they are able to question, explore and build.
Learning experiences where children are unencumbered by fear and anxiety helps give their energy, creativity and talents wings. Their confidence, self-worth and authenticity take flight. At Life College we believe that our children should learn and grow in spaces that are captivating, deeply personal and rooted in nature. We want our children equipped as sentinels of ecology, entrepreneurial thinkers and changemakers for the future.
We believe in intimate, child-centred exploration and real knowledge for the real world. Our children need to be equipped to thrive in a complex, unpredictable future and world. As parents and learning specialists, we know that it is resilient, empathetic and creative problem-solvers that the world needs more than ever.
Life College is part of the LifeCo UnLtd Group, which has strong local and global links. Life College was birthed in South African soil and is authentic and true to our heritage.

For more information, please contact
[email protected]‚Äč